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Growing your business online can be confusing and extremely difficult.
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About Me

I was born in '83 and first got into computers when my step-dad got me a Commodore 64 in the early 90s. He worked at Xerox back then and was really into computers.

Fast forward to the late 90s when we got our first family desktop computer that was connected to the great World Wide Web! I think our ISP was NetZero. :)

I eventually got around to creating my first website and then quickly discovered Wordpress in my early 20s (I've since moved on to Hexo and Ghost for blogging however).

I created a music blog called RisingFist.com where I wrote about and filmed some of my favorite bands. I managed that blog for roughly 8 years before I put it down and moved on to other projects.

At its peak RisingFist.com was getting about 500 visitors a day. I didn't try to monetize that blog as I couldn't see myself putting up ads on that site. It was my sacred channel of sorts.

That experience in blogging helped me land my first client. I helped drive traffic to his site, increase email sign ups and make more money in general from his site. From there I was hooked. I discovered I loved helping businesses succeed via the Internet.

Over the next several years I've helped several small to medium sized businesses with their digital marketing and lead generation. Check out this post to see one of my most recent testimonials/case studies!

Fast forward to today and you'll find me working as a freelance digital marketing & sales consultant. My favorite business books are Rework, Ogilvy On Advertising and Badass: Making Users Awesome, just to name a few.

In the evenings I'm writing on my personal business & marketing blog here and developing new products.

I try to spend a couple hours a week developing my coding chops. I really enjoy coding up my own landing pages and websites for projects I'm working on. Feel free to browse my Github profile here.